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Quick and Easy Tips for Hosting Your First Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is almost here! Hosting Thanksgiving can be intimidating for anyone, but especially if it is your first time! Did you just move in to a new home and are anxious to host your first gathering? No worries! Here are some helpful tips to help you host a wonderful and stress-free Thanksgiving!

1. Less is More: Don’t feel like you need to overdo it with all things fancy. Make this easier on yourself and create some fun and simple appetizers for your loved ones to snack on. Save your energy for the main course!

2. Prep in Advance! Did you know that fresh cranberry sauce can be made up to three days in advance? Sure, you may want to have everything done as close to “dinner time” as possible, but be smart with your time! Many traditional thanksgiving sides can be made and freshly stored well in advance before the turkey is ready.

3. Plan, plan, plan! You can’t go wrong with a good Thanksgiving Day schedule. Be prepared. Write out a plan a few weeks in advance for the best prep. Know how long each item takes to make, how it needs to be stored, what time guests are arriving, what drinks, snacks, table placement, and games you need to have ready. By planning in advance, you will allow yourself more time to have those last minute thoughts or ideas pop in mind! Don’t worry, you’ve got this!

4. Don’t overstuff the bird! This one is pretty self-explanatory, but often times overlooked. Remember what we talked about before… less is more! A turkey that is loosely stuffed with aromatics cooks quickly and evenly. If you bake your dressing on the side, it’ll lead to a more reliably cooked turkey, and more browned stuffing too!

5. HAVE FUN! Thanksgiving is about remembering all the things we are thankful for. If all else fails, just remember to have fun. Enjoy this new experience and take the time to enjoy the company of your loved ones while you’re at it. Your family and friends are going to love it!

Good luck and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dinner tradition? Leave us a comment below!

-The Crowe Company